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Action Plans            


Glanbrook residents deserve better highways and roads that are safe for all who use them. Our village streets need to be safer for pedestrians and cyclists as well as motorists.

I will work to bring a new community centre to Glanbrook.  I will explore options such as a multi-use gymnasium & fitness centre or indoor swimming pool that are accessible for recreational use through all four seasons. I support industrial and commercial developments that bring jobs, services and goods closer to home and ease our tax burden. 

I support residential development that respects the need to reduce land usage but our villages are not the place to intensify density.  I support the current position of city council to develop density and contain future growth within the existing urban boundary closer to major transit at this time.  Orchards, crop and livestock fields with streams and creeks are part of our farming heritage in Glanbrook.  We need to ensure any future growth prioritizes and protects our agriculture, green space, woodlands and watershed.


I will collaborate with all stakeholders to reduce litter and discourage illegal dumping on our roadsides, fields and walking trails.

I support Area Rating and doing our best to be fiscally responsible with your tax dollars to keep taxes as low as possible.  I believe in a system that recognizes that its citizens pay for services that they receive and not more.  If more transit is needed in Glanbrook, let research show us first.  

I am also excited by the fabulous potential that exists for our City going forward.  I truly believe that a vibrant and flourishing Hamilton makes for a better Glanbrook.  I support the City's Economic Development Action Plan and will encourage industries that support a greener economy to take up residence in our existing industrial lands. I will strongly support the City’s plans to meet its carbon-reduction goals and prepare for climate emergencies.  


Finally, I am encouraged by the adaptation of our City to follow policies of equity that recognize systemic issues concerning marginalization for at-risk groups.  Many of us have always taken for granted that we would be treated fairly when seeking employment or any other opportunity.  For our BIPOC and LGBTQ2+ citizens, we know this has not been their reality.  Now that we know better, we need to continue to do better to educate and ensure all can work and live in conditions free from harassment, discrimination and hate.

 Thanks for your support.                   @MarkTadeson   

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